Highlights for 5.16.12

    Issues #1

  • Dancer  Image  Retired assassin Alan Fisher and his ballerina companion must escape a ruthless sniper who stalks them through the streets of Milan. To survive and protect the love of his life, Alan will unravel the tapestry of the past he’s kept hidden and discover the killer’s impossible identity. From the writer of WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? and the artist of VIKING comes a spy thriller with a 21st Century twist.  NATHAN EDMONSON!

    Ongoing Titles

  • Daredevil #13 A creative and surprising use of Wolverine in another friendly one-shot. With artist KHOI PHAM!

DC New 52 Issue # 9

  • DC Universe Presents: Savage Part 1/3    As this new tale begins, the country’s best FBI profiler, Kass Sage, must seek help on a desperate case from her father…imprisoned serial killer VANDAL SAVAGE! Chapter one of a three-part story by JAMES ROBINSON and BERNARD CHANG.

Collections/Graphic .Novels

  • Deadenders TP  Brubaker TP, Vertigo. Collects 16 issue mini series. Haven’t read it but it’s in the stack because it’s Brubaker.

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