Hellboy Graphic Novels List – 25% Off on March 22nd, 2014!

Hellboy Graphic Novel Reading Order

Hellboy’s stories usually take place over the course of one to four issues. Multiple issues are collected as Trade Paperbacks or hardcover Library Editions.  This lists the graphic novel collections for Hellboy and other “Hellboy-verse” titles BPRD, Abe Sapien, and Lobster Johnson.



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Hellboy Trade Paperback Collections

  • Seed of Destruction

  • Wake the Devil

  • Chained Coffin and Others

  • Right Hand of Doom

  • Conqueror Worm

  • Strange Places

  • Troll Witch and Others

  • Darkness Calls

  • Wild Hunt

  • Crooked Man and Others

  • Bride of Hell and Others

  • The Storm and The Fury


Also recommended:

  • Hellboy in Hell: Descent

  • Hellboy Junior

  • Hellboy Companion

  • Hellboy Masks & Monsters

  • Hellboy Weird Tales Vols 1+2


BPRD Trade Paperback Collections

  1. BPRD: Hollow Earth and Other Stories

  2. BPRD: Soul of Venice and Other Stories

  3. BPRD: Plague of Frogs

  4. BPRD: The Dead

  5. BPRD: The Black Flame

  6. BPRD: Universal Machine

  7. BPRD: Garden of Souls

  8. BPRD: Killing Ground

  9. BPRD: 1946

  10. BPRD: The Warning

  11. BPRD: Black Goddess

  12. BPRD: War on Frogs

  13. BPRD: 1947

  14. BPRD: King of Fear


  1. BPRD: Hell on Earth: New World

  2. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Gods and Monsters

  3. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Russia

  4. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Devil Engine and Long Death

  5. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Pickens County Horror

  6. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Return of the Master

  7. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Cold Day in Hell

  8. BPRD: Hell on Earth: Lake of Fire



  • BPRD: Being Human

  • BPRD: 1948

  • BPRD: Vampire


Abe Sapien Trade Paperback Collections

  1. The Drowning

  2. The Devil Does Not Jest

  3. The Dark and Terrible and the New Race of Man

  4. The Shape of Things to Come


Lobster Johnson Trade Paperback Collections

  1. Iron Promethus

  2. Burning Hand

  3. Satan Smells a Rat