Hellboy Day is March 22, 2014!


Hellboy is one of those books that causes some comic fans to get a little misty-eyed. Those who love it, adore it, and many have a story about how their discovery of Mignola’s seminal work was an integral part of their development as a comic reader.

   Hellboy is a unique mix of mythology,  deep character development, and pulp action. The characters have become icons and the BPRD has earned its place amongst some of the greatest comic books teams ever.  Mike Mignola has given us aDark Horse logo superhero of substance, in an art style often mimicked by rarely matched. Assisted by legendary colorist Dave Stewart and supported by writers Richard Corben, Duncan Fegredo, John Arcudi, and Scott Allie,  we have witnessed a full library of arcane tales spawning spin-off titles BPRD, Abe Sapien, and 1940s pulp vigilante Lobster Johnson.

20 Years on, and the Hellboy universe is still going strong, attracting new readers, and keeping its longtime fans hooked.  Take a look at all the great graphic novels in the “Hellboyverse” here.

Join us on Saturday, March 22nd
for a celebration of all things Hellboy, including:

Costumes – our Hellboy-loving staff already has plans to dress up and you should too!

Giveaways – Dark Horse is helping us celebrate by providing an exclusive Hellboy Day comic as well as other fun goodies!

Sale – 25% off all Hellboy titles! Stop in ahead of time and check out our Mignolaverse staff picks!

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