Halloween in August: Horror Comics to prep you for October!


    I’m not going to front: I hate summer. Too hot, too sticky. So much pressure to enjoy yourself! No thanks. Give me the crisp autumn air. Snow over sand, any day.

However, and I think we’re all in agreeance here, the best part of fall is Halloween. One day a year where it’s socially acceptable to dress in costume and eat handfuls of sugar? C’mon!

As you probably know, here at the shop we go all out with our Halloweekend Spookabration. Costumes, sale, the whole thing. So why not get prepped for the best day of the year (in my opinion) now with some super creepy crawly horror reads?


The Walking Dead

This might seem like a no brainer, but seriously: it’s popular for a reason. This is survival horror at its finest. The perfect mix of human drama and gory zombie mayhem. Walking Dead has earned its place in the graphic novel canon.

Revival #10 Phantom Variant

Revival #10 Phantom Variant


I’ve waxed lovey dovey on Revival before. It’s just so good! Take the elements of the Walking Dead that really work and add a little more of a surreal twist. It’s what those of us in writing school might call a “domestic horror”, where the real terror comes from the mundane nature of the setting– a small town where dead bodies won’t stay dead, but they aren’t craving brains either.

ten grand 2

Ten Grand

Ten Grand is a more pulpy, supernatural horror – no zombies here. Our protagonist can visit his dead fiancee for 5 minutes at a time if he dies a righteous death: which he does by fighting demons and occult nasties. Templesmith’s art always brings the creepy and really puts Ten Grand in a league of its own.



Turn of the century Americana horror! This is definitely one of the creepiest books I’ve ever read. Plus, it’s written by fan-favorite Batman author Scott Snyder, so you know it’s going to be quality!

If you get reading, by September you’ll be ready for the Spookabration! Then you have to wait a month. Whomp Whomp. In the meantime, enjoy the chills these books will give you in the August heat!