Greg Pak + Adam WarRock + Tribe One 2.6.14 Round Up!



We couldn’t have asked for nicer fellas to

spend the evening with us!


Greg Pak’s abundant energy set the tone for the night. He spent generous time with every person eager to meet him, signed plenty of comics, and even sketched quite a few different characters for fans!

When Tribe One hit the stage the room fell quiet in the grip of his voice like honey and words like arrows, right to your heart. He gave us our new anthem: Doing it Wrong from the album Malibu Shark Attack!

Adam WarRock closed the night with a few classics like HawkGuy, got deep and personal with us about Garfield, and played the most beautiful song about Pokemon you will ever hear. (Ok, it’s not so much about Pokemon as about choosing to stop playing Pokemon to spend time with a real human person.)


Greg Pak wrote about his visit on his website here!


Get a full assessment of the night by Mike Clarke at

and a combo

Planet Hulk Book Club/Sarah & Ivy Interview/signing/show video courtesy DJZ.


We raised a few hundred dollars for Hero Initiative and had way too much fun “hunting” dinos. Overall the day couldn’t have been better.  Stay tuned for our next big event!

TUROK: THE DINOSAUR HUNTER #1 (Newsarama) – “We love the classics and are always a bit hesitant when those classics are revamped and repackaged with a shiny new cover and presented to us all over again. As someone who’s only exposure to this character is by controlling him in a 64-bit video game, this comic serves as a great introduction to Turok’s personality and the world that he inhabits. Gone is the running and gunning tough guy that I played in the video game and in his place is a sensitive, relatable outcast in a dangerous world – he is every bit of a classic hero. Pak uses simple storytelling techniques to tell a compelling story, and coupled with the slick art of Colak and Affe, we are presented with a great introduction to Turok and this line of classic books.”

Grab Boxes!

Grab Boxes were raffled for donations to Hero Initiative.

Grinning Crowd

A grinning crowd, and glimpse of The Titus!

Little Hulk Fan

The Littlest Batman/Superman/Hulk fan is distracted by all the dinos roaming the shop!

Rock Peepin His Display

Rock found the display we made of his Recommended Reading!

 See what Adam WarRock Recommends you read!


Tribe One Rockin It!

Duffy Variant Poster

The Duffy Variant Poster is a record of everyone who signed the poster! Sadly, we didn’t get Greg Pak to sign it.