GrayHaven Comics Signing: You Are Not Alone & Kids Comics Anthologies! *POSTPONED*

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Meet creators from indie publisher
GrayHaven Comics at a later time!



GrayHaven Comics is a comic company specializing in up and coming creators
looking to get published. They are based out of Reading, PA but have editors
and contributors spread throughout the world.
They will be featuring books for and by younger readers to help promote that
comics are for everyone!


GrayHaven publications include:

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: A Special Project

Inspired by the events of Sandy Hook & Aurora, CO, GrayHaven Comics is creating a comic book based on raising hope/awareness for victims of violence, bullying, racism, etc.
YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a nearly 200 page anti-bullying anthology geared towards younger readers and featuring stories about abuse, bullying, depression, homophobia, racism and violence with a message of hope along with page breaks with important resource information for victims or witnesses to these acts to use.
The stories center on younger characters from grade school to high school and contain a positive message or hopeful solution. While in reality often times these types of stories don’t always have a happy ending we are looking to inspire those who read.
While we hope the stories and information contained in the book will help provide resources and information for people of all ages our main focus is on younger victims and witnesses to these events.



GrayHaven’s latest all ages anthology is a very special one as it features stories by the very group we’re targeting: young readers! This full color edition features five great stories of Robots by up and coming talent.

Li’l Kaiju

A full color book that’s giant monster fun for readers of all ages!

Hey, Kids, Sunday Funnies

In the tradition of Sunday newspaper strips, this full color Hey Kids edition features short strips for readers of all ages!


A new hero for the ages: The Canine Crusader. Created by Travis Holyfield and Edward Whatley, the Dober-Man one shot is a full color action adventure in the silver age tradition perfect for young readers.