Graphic Novel Swap! Sunday 11.12 – Sunday 11.19.17

Graphic Novel Swap

*Bored with your old graphic novels?

*Looking to try something new BUT don’t want to spend any cash?

*Got too many books and just need to get them into a different loving home?



SUNDAY 11.12.17 – SUNDAY 11.19.17

***Bring your graphic novels in and swap them for a “new” favorite from our GRAPHIC NOVEL SWAP TABLE!***


We’ll start off the swap with a couple dozen books from The Shop,
so the earliest traders will have a robust selection of choices.

The table usually turns over about once a day, so come back often
to see what else arrives!
Plus, since lots of folks are interested in what’s being swapped,
there are often impromtu gatherings around the table.
Plan to hang out for a while to talk with people about what everyone has
read, loved, and let go!


***At the end of the week all remaining books will be donated to local schools & community programs in need!***


~Please share this event with your friends, coworkers, associates, and everyone else! You’ll be surprised how many people have read comics in the past and are excited to read them again. Spark the world!~


 Graphic Novel Swap Hours

  • Sunday November 12th 12p – 5p

  • Monday November 13th 12p – 8p

  • Tuesday November 14th 12p – 8p

  • Wednesday November 15th 11a – 8p

  • Thursday November 16th 10a – 8p

  • Friday November 17th 10a – 10p

  • Saturday November 18th 10a – 8p

  • Sunday November 19th 12p – 5p