Free Comic Book Day Weekend 2016: Creator Signings!

Comic Creators Coming to The Shop!

Saturday, May 7th, 2016


Dawn Griffin: Zorphbert and Fred, Abby’s Adventures

A graduate of Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Dawn has been a Graphic Designer for a reputable snack foods company in the Philadelphia area for the last 7 years. She’s also a freelance artist, accomplished independent cartoonist and children’s book illustrator. Dawn’s own illustrtions can bee seen in publications like Philadelphia Style Magazine and National Safety Council pamphlets.
Her online (and published) comic strip “Zorphbert and Fred”
boasts many accomplishments such as a nomination for “Best Anthro Comic”, and being included in numerous comic Anthologies.
Dawn illustrates “Abby’s Adventures”, a children’s book series written by Suzanne Ridolfi. The series has gotten many sponsors, one being Dove’s self esteem movement.
Dawn is active in the comic community and a contributing artist
for charitable projects such as the tribute book to Richard Thompson, Team Cul de Sac Cartoonists Anthology for Parkinson’s Research, which has been nominated for an Eisner Award and multiple Harvey Awards.
She also is a contributing story artist and cover artist of issue #1 for the brand new
RISE: Comics Against Bullying anthology.



Bob Petrecca – artist and inker

Bob Petrecca has worked for Marvel, DC, & Continuity Comics, spanning titles such as Captain America, Dr. Strange, Batman, Superman, JLU and many others.
Also an artist for Upper Deck, he has illustrated for Marvel Premier as well as Fox’s 10th anniversary set: Firefly – the Verse. Bob may even be able to reveal news about his upcoming super-secret project the day of the show!
bob petrecca 2016


Eric Grissom – Co-Creator, Writer:

Planet Gigantic, Deadhorse, Chickens.

PLANET GIGANTIC: When two genetically-engineered teenagers crash-land on a strange planet, they must learn to rely on themselves and their still-developing powers as they face down a giant rock monster. Also in this issue: Lyana the Seeker braves a cursed tomb in search of the fabled Eye of the Sun.

DEADHORSE: Deadhorse is the story of William Pike and the key to a fantastic box of unimaginable power.

After William receives the key in a letter from his thought to be deceased father, he is pursued by a brutal industrialist and a relentless bounty hunter as he travels to the farthest reaches of Alaska in search of the truth.

planet gigantic cover

Claire Connelly – Writer/Illustrator: thINK Illustration!, Illustrator: Chickens,

CHICKENS: Mental Floss says– “Grissom and Connelly mostly avoid tackling the gimmick head-on and instead focus on telling a good story about growing up and chasing your dreams, letting the grisliness of a slaughterhouse for humans lurk in the background.”



Paige Connelly – Illustrator: thINK Illustration!

paige gnome

Eric & the Connelly Sisters