First State Comic Con Guest Creators

First State Comic Con

 Sunday June 30th – Embassy Suites, Newark, DE


10a – 3p     More Details Here


Just a few of the creators in attendance…


David Michelinie – Noted Works


Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle (co-written by Bob Layton):  The quintessential Iron Man story, rather, Tony Stark story, in which the villain of the story is alcohol. The story of a man battling his personal demons in a realistic manner that continues to influence writers today.

The nine issue run is collected in graphic novel format and is featured on the PaperKeg Podcast Book Club Spinner Rack.

demon in bottle


Introduction of Venom – Amazing Spider-Man #300 (art by Todd McFarlane):  In this issue the black, fluid, alien symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock and becomes one of Spider-Man’s most persistent enemies.

Rick Remender has recently revived the character and attached him to Flash Thompson in the current ongoing title, Venom.



Introduction of Carnage – Amazing Spider-Man #361 (art by Mark Bagley): An offspring of Venom, bonded to the psychopathic Cletus Kasady.

ASM 361


Brett Breeding – Noted Works (Inker)


Death of Superman (pencils by Dan Jurgens)

death super


Amazing Spider-Man: Death of Jean DeWolff (inker)

jean de wolff


Action Comics (pencils by George Perez)


Superman Man of Steel (pencils by Dan Jurgens)


Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser – The Living Corpse

The Living Corpse Vol 1

The Living Corpse Vol 2: Exhumed

Amazing Adventures of The Living Corpse Animated Feature Film

Layout 1


… And more!