First Ever Ladies’ Night at TCBS! March 14th, 2014



Calling all Geek Girls!


Join Ivy and Sarah at The Shop at 7pm on Friday March 14th

for a discussion of all things comics, games, and pop culture!


Talk Recent Releases!  Share News!

Get to Know other Nerdy Women and make New Friends!

Meet Women Who Make Comics!


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**All First Ever Ladies’ Night Ladies get a free copy of
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We’re not here to be anti-guy, we’re here to provide a safe environment
where we can speak and act freely in our own girly geeky ways.

We’ll support, educate, and encourage each other to be strong, graceful, and understanding.


Very Special Guests – Women Who Make Comics!

Erica Schultz * Amy Chu * Alithia Martinez


Erica Schultz – M3  (Vicente Alcázar, artist)

Erica and M3
M3 is a real world, cat and mouse crime thriller about an assassin and the FBI agent tracking her down.
M3 tackles a complex matrix of danger, intrigue, and family dynamics
with a female lead who could take on the most cunning of spies and assassins.”
– Jessica Boyd, Moms Read Comics
Erica has worked in comics for nearly five years, providing artistic and editorial
support for Neal Adams on The New Avengers 16.1, The First X-Men, Batman Odyssey, and Blood. She has also provided design, layout, lettering, and editorial support for creators
including Dennis Calero and Todd Stashwick (Devil Inside), Nicholas Dedual (Torchbearer), and Red Stylo Media.
Erica was also one of the artists and “Motioneers” who brought The Astonishing X-Men motion comic “Gifted” to life.
Currently, she’s writing the second volume of M3, along with
Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne for Marvel Comics.

vellaatmotel, M3


Amy Chu – “Girls Night Out” (anthology), Alpha Girl Comics

Amy Chu b&w
Amy is the co-founder of Alpha Girl Comics, a publishing project with director and writer Georgia Lee. Their goal is to get new audiences, especially women and girls,
into reading and making comics.
Through Alpha Girl Amy has published her writing work including Girls Night Out, Girls Night Out: Tales of New York and, most recently, The VIP Room. She also had a story published in Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology published by New Press.
Amy graduated from Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Wellesley College.  She has been involved in the start up of several businesses ranging from media to biotech, including A. Magazine where she served as the founding publisher.
On April 30th the new Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK anthology kicks off with a story by Amy
and artist Alitha Martinez.

Girls Night Out cover


Alitha Martinez – artist

Alitha MartinezAlitha has worked on a variety of superhero titles including Iron Man, Marvel Age Fantastic Four, and Black Panther for Marvel Comics, NBC’s Heroes, the all-ages New Crusaders from Archie Comics, DC’s New 52 Batgirl series by Gail Simone. For Lerner Publications she has illustrated several volumes of the young adult series My Boyfriend is a Monster.

Her creator-owned work, Yume and Ever debuted at New York Comic Con in 2008.

On April 30th the new Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK anthology kicks off with a story by Alitha and writer Amy Chu.

Yume and Ever


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