Exquisite Corpses: REVIVAL Doesn’t Disappoint.

We’re all familiar with that old zombie movie trope: a young woman clutches a gun pointed at the disgusting, gore-dripping version of her mother/boyfriend/dog that stands before her. “I can’t just shoot it…” she stammers, tears running down her face, “It’s my…my…mother/boyfriend/dog/lawyer!” But she does shoot it, because clearly it isn’t her loved one. Or, she doesn’t shoot it, and it eats her; proving that it definitely wasn’t her mother/boyfriend/dog/ocelot/whatever. We all know how the story ends. We’ve seen it countless times, ever since George Romero made Night of the Living Dead.

What sets Revival apart from this tried-and-true zombie scenario is that in Tim Seeley (GI Joe / Hack/Slash) and Mike Norton (Battlepug/The Curse)’s world, the monster in front of you really IS your family. And they’re talking to you. They’re watching TV. And instead of reaching for their guns, the citizens of this town are just trying to understand. Protagonist Dana Cypress is the perfect guide to this strange world, as she investigates her own fear of the “Reviver” outbreak and tries to protect the small town that she has always called home.

Revival takes elements of the classic zombie archetype and mixes in a little Noir and a lot of human feeling.

And the icing on the cake is the fantastic art! Mike Norton departs from Battlepug silliness to create some truly chilling scenes; and with guest covers by indie greats like Craig Thompson, Revival is as beautiful as it is disgusting.

We at The Comic Book Shop are lucky enough to get a little something extra when it comes to Revival. We belong to the Phantom Variant Retailer Group, a gathering of comic retailers who help readers have unique comic experiences while supporting creators and publishers. Our participation in the Phantom Retailer Program means that we are able to provide our customers with beautiful variant covers for Revival by artist Jenny Frison. The covers link up to form a continuous piece of unique comic artwork!


This Wednesday will bring two more of these beautiful variant covers. Be sure to come check ’em out!