Did You Know? #1

The New 52 of DC Comics has produced many a beautiful cover thus far. Wonder Woman, Justice League and Batgirl have all had covers that never get old to look at, for me at least. But did you know that some of the new DC covers have a strange similarity to each other? Over the course of the New 52 that have come out, Catwoman and Captain Atom have shared a very similar, if not sometimes exact, layout for their covers. Think I’m just seeing things? Have a look for yourself. For the purposes of this post, we’re going to look at layout, color, negative space and focal points. It’s important to note that the covers of these comics are not from one single artist. It’s also worth mentioning that these titles come out on the same Wednesday of every month, often beside each other when alphabetically shelved.

Issues #4

Here we see some similarities at first glance. Both covers have the title characters looking off cover into the distance to the left. Both have a fluidity to their bodies, the way that they are drawn. They’re also very serious in the face. But let’s look a little closer.

The main shapes of the layout, outlined in pink, appear to be the same. Call it coincidence, patternicity, what have you, but it’s there.

Issues #5

With these covers, color also comes into play. Each cover use a mauve/purple and shades of blue ranging from sky blue to a purple navy. As we break the covers down we see more patterns emerge.

We find the negative space and head on the Captain Atom cover form Catwoman’s goggles. Her shoulder/bicep is mirrored in Captain Atom’s chest. It’s also worth pointing out that the cut on Catwoman’s bicep, with it’s pink coloring, mimics Captain Atom’s chest symbol. It’s one thing for a cover to pay homage to another, like in the case of Honey Badger and Action Comics #1. But it seems DC has inadvertently done this.

Let’s continue the tour….and we’re walking…

Issue #8

With these issues, the main character is falling through the cover, with another character behind/beside them. They can also both be captioned with, “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

The main character may be at a different angle, but the shapes are all there. Head; outstretched, bent, right arm; strawberry/triangle shape to the body area. As far as colors go, blues and purples reign supreme, but also the pink coming from the broken window of the Catwoman cover (a rectangle) echoes the red/pink subtitle of Captain Atom (also a rectangle).

There you have it. Similar? Possibly. The chances that I simply spend too much time looking at the New This Week wall? 100%. Hope you enjoyed this installment of Did You Know?