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It’s a whole new DCU again – sort of!
Here’s a quick run down of what happening in upcoming series.

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Action Comics
Metropolis has a new Man of Steel… Lex Luthor! Returning to original numbering at #957.
The King of Atlantis embarks on a new mission that may finally decide whether he remains on land or at sea.
Eisner winning cartoonist Hope Larson sends Barbara a quest to train with the most elite modern combat masters of the East.
Batgirl & Birds of Prey
An imposter calling herself Oracle is causing trouble. Huntress and Black Canary return to complete the original team!
Omega Men writer Tom King pits the Dark Knight against Calendar Man.
All-Star Batman
Scott Snyder and an all-star cast of artists have Batman facing the worst of Gotham, starting with Two-Face! All in-continuity!
Blue Beetle
Ted Kord is back with Jaime Reyes! Dr. Fate claims the scarab is powered by magic, not science!
Vic faces a crisis of identity and total systems shutdown: Is he more human or machine?
Detective Comics
Batman recruits Azrael and Batwoman into a Bat training squad. Returning to original numbering #934.
Barry trains a new generation of speedsters, but not all of them might be what they seem!
Green Arrow
Oliver, back with the Dinah (and his goatee), trying to fight “the man” …while also being “the man.”
Green Lanterns
Geoff Johns is back to tell the story of 2 rookie lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz…..Red Lanterns!
Hal Jordan and the GL Corps
Hal reunites with the Corps and gets his ring back. Battling the Sinestro Corps!
Harley Quin
Continuing where the previous series ended: Zombies spreading in Coney Island!
Constantine heads home to London, only a pissed-off demon and a curse on his soul stand in the way.
Justice League
Continuing the events of Rebirth, the League welcomes 3 new members including….Superman!
He’s back! Dick Grayson returns to Gotham to face a new enemy and reclaim the mantle of Nightwing (with the Blue!)
Red Hood & the Outlaws
Jason Todd goes under cover to take down the criminal underworld with a new group: Amazon Artemis and Bizarro!
Suicide Squad
Follow the Squad as they recruit a new member. Drawn by Jim Lee!
Kara Danvers must balance her life as an average high school student and as a DEO operative!
Pre-52 Clark is back and with Lois! And with a son!?
New Super Man
A new Hero from Shangai! Kenji Kong, inherits the powers of Superman!
Super Sons
Damian Wayne & Jonathan Kent (Lois & Clark) are friends!
Lois Lane with superpowers! But her powers are killing her! VS Ultrawoman!
Teen Titans
A new team lead by Damian Wayne, A.K.A. Robin, staring Beast Boy, Kid Flash, Starfire, and Raven!
Classic titans reunite and possibly new members? Wally West!
Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.. Yea!
Wonder Woman
Two stories! Two artists! Greg Rucka! Early years of Diana parallels modern day story, “The Lies.”