Dave Bullock BATMAN ’66 Signing & Art Class! Saturday January 3rd, 2015!

Dave Bullock!

His classic, easy style graces Batman ’66 #18 with a ten-page story!

Pick up the issue, meet the man, and get yourself some of his gorgeous prints
and original art pages!


Special ART CLASS: Learn to draw Batman!

Saturday, January 3rd

SIGNING  11:30a – 1:30p

ART CLASS  1:30p – 3p


Animation Director

Emmy-nominated Justice League: New Frontier; Star Wars: Clone Wars;
Spectacular Spider-Man, and more!

Storyboard Artist

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (movie); Wonder Woman (2009 movie), Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes; Kim Possible, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, New Batman Adventures, Superman/Batman Adventures,
Teen Titans, Legend of Tarzan, and more!


Comics/Cover Artist

Action Comics, Teen Titans Go!, Ultimates, Iron Man, Exiles, Age of the Sentry, Wednesday Comics, and more!


Original Series Artist

RONOK! Whose loyal sword and rage filled heart carved a bloody path of destruction as he rose to the rank of Blood Guard, a warrior elite sworn to protect the King of the mighty Keshian Empire. But King Nago’s treachery threatens the life of his very daughter, Princess Halia, with dark magic, forcing Ronok to break his sacred oath. Now he must forge a new destiny in the harsh, primitive land from which he came, where only the fearless survive, and the mightiest of all becomes KING.

Dave & Kellie

Dave & Kellie Bullock


Justice League: New Frontier movie

Ultimates Nick Fury

Ultimates Nick Fury

Deadman for Wednesday Comics

Deadman for Wednesday Comics

King Ronok!

King Ronok!