COMING UP NEXT with Martinez – 9/24/14


A look at what our resident opinionated blogger type, Martinez (Pie-Cast) has to say about this week’s upcoming releases

This Week’s Pick of the Pulls:


Butterfly #1 by Arash Amel & Antonio Fuso

I’m not familiar with either the writer or the creator here, but the premise is solid in my opinion.
An undercover agent is framed for murder and compromised. She is forced to seek refuge and unknowingly finds her father she thought was long dead. It turns out he was also part of the same covert group she was a part of. Now I know you can get this kind of story from Image’s Velvet right now, but the preview pages I saw read well and the art was well drawn. Plus, those Phil Noto covers always grab me.
This book is worth a shot!


The Fade Out #1 (2nd print) by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

I missed my chance to plug The Fade Out the first time around, so here’s a kind of preview/review.

Story is set in 40’s Hollywood. A screenwriter wakes up in a house that he doesn’t remember.
He had been drinking the night before, and as he puts together the pieces of his broken memory, he stumbles upon a dead up-and-coming actress.
Brubaker & Phillips have, in my opinion, reached master status when it comes to noir and crime stories. Brubaker’s ability to weave character sub-plots around a main theme or individual allow him to very easily create a world with depth. You become invested in the characters and what they are doing, because you know from issue one that there is more to them than what you first see. His love for the genre is evident in his writing. The guy was born to write dark gritty sagas. You can pretty much hear the somber trumpet playing in the background while you read. Then you have Sean Phillips, whose art provides the misty realism you want, nay need, in a story set in 1948 Los Angeles.
I really liked this book, people! If you haven’t yet picked it up, please do so this week.


Roche Limit #1 by Michael Moreci & Vic Malhorta

I’m a fan of books that mix genres. Sci-fi/Western, Fantasy/History, etc etc. Roche Limit is promising to deliver a book which blends noir and sci-fi. The author is known for his work in Hoax Hunters and Curse while the artist is a relative newcomer it seems. Story is set in a space colony rampant with crime.
It will be told in three different volumes each containing 5 issues. The volumes will be years apart and each will have their own cast. The key is they will all be linked by a common location and theme.
This is sort-of-kind-of reminiscent of Asimov’s Foundation series. Count me in.