COMING UP NEXT with Martinez – 12/10/14


A look at what our resident opinionated blogger type, Martinez (Pie-Cast) has to say about this week’s upcoming releases.

This Week’s Picks of the Pulls:


East of West: The World (One Shot) by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

Those of us reading East of West will be rejoicing this week. Well, I know at least I will. Jonathan Hickman is a notoriously complex writer. Many times he writes stories that are not meant to be completely understood until the very last issue, leaving you to navigate through the labyrinthine plots and subplots while also keeping track of the myriad of characters he likes to throw at you. However, as confusing as Hickman can be sometimes, his stories are compelling. East of West is no different.

This week, he’s throwing us a bone. This one shot is being described as “part atlas, part encyclopedia, part timeline, and part apocrypha”. Sounds more confusing that it needs to be, as per usual, but a sourcebook is very welcome in my opinion. The world in East of West is very detailed and filled with backstory, but we’re only told enough to keep up in the back issues. I’m curious to see what will be explained here… if anything at all.


Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 by Elliot Kalan and Marco Failla

(SPOILERS) Wolverine is dead. So because he’s dead, we need another character to fill out the …and the X-men book. Cue Spider-Man. Wolverine asked Spidey to come teach at the Jean Grey School, but also to investigate suspicions that a student in the school isn’t all that they seem. The creative team is brand spanking new. Kalan is the head writer at The Daily Show. He has written comics before, but this is his ongoing debut. Failla, the artist, is also a neophyte when it comes to ongoing series. Let’s see how they do!


The Valiant #1 by Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera

“Sneaky, Sneaky, Valiant,” said Martinez when he first read the solicitation for this book in Previews. Honestly, I never really gave Valiant a shot. Maybe it was because I’m already reading way too much, or maybe I didn’t take them seriously. While the first may be true, I was dead wrong on the later.

Slowly but surely Valiant Comics has been up-ing their game. They’ve gotten huge names in comics to write this ever expanding universe of theirs. Names like: Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, James Asmus. Now Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt (who’s also writing Rai) bring us the newest Valiant epic. And it really does look epic. Artist Paolo Rivera, as always, looks on point on this issue and I’m sure he will be for all four issues of this limited series.