COMING UP NEXT with Martinez – 11/26/14


A look at what our resident opinionated blogger type, Martinez (Pie-Cast) has to say about this week’s upcoming releases.

This Week’s Picks of the Pulls:



Capture Creatures #1 by Frank Gibson and Becky Dreistadt

I am a big fan of Pokemon guys. I grew up on the games. However, I’ve always found the TV show and comics to be a little lackluster. Don’t get me wrong, they have their charm, but I always felt there was more they could do with the story. While Capture Creatures is not the answer to that dilemma, it is certainly a very fun alternative. Gibson and Dreistadt first had the idea to create a whole new set of 151 creatures with cool powers. This evolved into a blog which evolved into a Kickstarter for a art book full of all these fantastical little guys. Since then, BOOM! brought the idea to their KaBOOM imprint and the creators have been given a chance to turn it into a monthly comic. The book was very much a fun read, with humor similar to that of Steven Universe and Bee and Puppycat. If you’re a Pokemon fan, or just like cool animals, you should definitely pick this up.


Gotham by Midnight #1 by Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith

Enjoying Gotham and Constantine? Well then you might maybe possibly like this book. Fawkes and Templesmith take on the side of Gotham we do not normally see. GCPD puts together a special task force charged with investigating and protecting Gotham City from supernatural occurrences. Jim Corrigan is asked by Batman to join a team including a nun, a scientist and two other cops. Seems like it will be a fun read for those who are into the darker stuff. Fawkes and Templesmith are in good form in this book. Let’s see where this ride takes us.

STK651971Planet Gigantic #1 by Eric Grissom and David Halvorson

This is the premier issue for Grissom and Halvorson’s Planet Gigantic after self-publishing the first bit of the story a few years ago. The story follows two genetically altered teens who crash land on a mysterious planet. Their mother dies in the crash and they are forced to survive on their own. This was a great debut for the series which also includes a side story. Great for Sci-fi and fantasy fans alike. We have plenty of copies in the shop! Stop by, pick up a copy and support friend of shop, Eric Grissom!