COMING UP NEXT with Martinez – 10/15/14


A look at what our resident opinionated blogger type, Martinez (Pie-Cast) has to say about this week’s upcoming releases.

This Week’s Picks of the Pulls:


Action Philosophers! HC by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

Hey do you want to have fun while learning? Well then read this book. I picked up the #1 for $1 that was released last week and just that issue alone was a blast. This isn’t the usual book I tend to read, I’ll admit. However, I wish I owned this book back in college when I was taking philosophy classes. It would have made everything much easier and entertaining. Friend of the Shop, Fred Van Lente is great as writing stories that seamlessly incorporate history and facts without sounding dry. I mean he made philosophy interesting! This 10th anniversary edition by Dark Horse is definitely something to check out.


Original Sin Annual #1 by Jason Latour and Enis Cisic

As much as we’re all tired of the endless barrage of Marvel events, I actually enjoyed Original Sin. It was detached from everything else that was going on in the Marvel U and wasn’t required reading. The story had a cool old-school pulp sci-fi feel and it really did have it’s moments. This annual will tell the story of the original(?) man on the wall. Again, this seems like a separate story with very little to do with the big events going on. I’m a fan of Jason Latour as well, so this is something I’m looking forward to read.


Edge of Spider-Verse #5 by Gerard Way and Jake Wyatt

Now, I haven’t been following Spider-Verse. I know the basic premise. Spider-peeps from all over reality start to realize that something is after them. The fact that this title was written as a series of one-shots makes it so you can enjoy some of these cool characters without having to commit or really know too much about them. I picked up the Spider-Gwen issue, and that was fun. This SP//dr looks interesting as well. The Spider-Person in this particular universe is in a suit that is both controlled by them and a sentient super-spider. The art gives off a kind of Evangelion/Akira feel. I’m hooked.

The Rest of Martinez’s Pull (10/15): Axis #2, Red Sonja Black Tower #2 , Trinity of Sin #1, Steven Universe #3, Uncanny X-men #27