COMING UP NEXT with Ivy & Martinez — 6/4/2014

COMING UP NEXT, a look at what our two resident opinionated blogger types, Ivy (Women Write About Comics) and Martinez (DE Pie-Cast) have to say about this week’s upcoming releases! Without further ado:


Ivy’s Picks of the Pull:

Get_the_Lobster_1Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster #4 by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, & Tonci Zonjic

I’m a major Lobster Johnson fan– anyone who stopped by the shop on Hellboy Day (or follows me on any social media) has probably seen my Lobster Johnson cosplay (Mike Mignola himself called it awesome, NO BIG DEAL GUYS).  Get the Lobster has been my favorite Lobster Johnson story in a long while — it’s everything I love about the character and Mignolaverse in general. If you like pulp action, cool one-liners, and dudes in glowy goggles, this is your book.

moonknight4Moon Knight #4 by Warren Ellis & Declan Shalvey

That Moon Knight, though!

Special trade paperback pick!:

FEB140918Afterlife With Archie Vol.1 by Robert Aguirre-Sacasa & Francesco Francavilla

If you think you should pass this book up because you’re not an Archie fan– don’t! Pick up the first volume of this beautifully drawn (Francavilla!!) and completely brutal story of zombies, gore, creepiness, and teenage angst. You won’t regret it.

The Rest of Ivy’s Pull for 6/4/14: Black Widow #7, Nailbiter #2, Original Sin #3, The Wake #9, Woods #2



Martinez’s Picks of the Pull:

blackwidow7Black Widow #7 by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

Nothing but Marvel for me this week. First off, Black Widow. Daredevil is in this one, and Winter Soldier is going to be in #8!! No one should be afraid to pick up this book late. In fact, issue #7 is the beginning of a new story arc. Honestly though, this book is written almost like a series of one shots. A new reader can jump into it at any point. The writing continues to be strong and fast-paced. This is a book for lovers of spy novels and strong female characters, and don’t get me started on the Phil Noto art!

ironfist3Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #3 by Kaare Andrews

Next, Iron Fist. Do you like kung fu and cyborg ninjas? How about mystical civilizations and dragons? Well then, why the heck aren’t you reading Iron Fist: TLW? I’ve been hooked since issue one. Kaare Andrews is proving why sometimes it’s a good idea to give a creator free reign on a book. If you pick up #3 this week, be sure to also pick up the first two issues, still available here at The Shop.

punisher6The Punisher #6 by Nathan Edmondson & Mitchell Gerads

Finally, Punisher. Three words. Grit, guns, and blood. It’s been an electrifying first arc, where we’ve seen The Punisher go up against the worst L.A. has to offer. This issue marks the end of the first arc and I for one am excited for the Black Widow/Punisher cross over Edmondson has planned for us in a couple of months. Now’s your chance to jump in before then!

The Rest of Martinez’s Pull for 6/4/14: Adventure Time Flip Side #6, Captain America #21, The Wake #9