COMING UP NEXT with Ivy & Martinez: 4/9/14

COMING UP NEXT, a look at what our two resident opinionated blogger types, Ivy (Women Write About Comics) and Martinez (DE Pie-Cast) have to say about this week’s upcoming releases! Without further ado:

Ivy’s Picks of the Pull:


All New Doop #1 – Peter Milligan & David Lafuente

Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s X-Force/X-Statix is my favorite Marvel book of all time (high praise — I’m a born and raised Marvel zombie). An exploration of fame and mutant powers, X-Statix is a cult hit that shows a side of superheroes that we don’t often get to see — and that doesn’t necessarily paint them in the most flattering light. The runaway star (and nearly only survivor) of X-Statix was the green blob Doop, a creature of ambiguous morality who alternates between being something like an adorable pet and murdering in cold blood. I don’t know what to expect from a Doop solo book — no long runs of dialogue, obviously — but I am so excited to find out.


Secret Avengers #2 – Ales Kot & Michael Walsh

Secret Avengers #1 was such an awesome surprise that I’ve been going a little crazy waiting for #2. Awesome lineup, fun art, great writing from Ales Kot (last issue had an all-naked fight scene in a bath house…). It’s the crazy fun alternate universe Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show you wanted and didn’t get.

Lumberjanes02Lumberjanes #1  – Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, & Brooke Allen

It’s pretty rare to open a book and see an all-female credits page, but that’s what you get with Lumberjanes. Noelle Stevenson of Gingerhaze and Nimona fame teams up with newcomer Grace Ellis and Adventure Time illustrator Brook Allen to tell the story of the Lumberjanes, a group of summer camp attendees fighting monsters, werewolves, and slime-dripping monsters. This is a great pick for fans of Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Midas Flesh!

The Rest of Ivy’s Pull for 4/9: All New Ghost Rider #2, All New X-Men #25, Captain Marvel #2, FBP #9, Iron Fist: Living Legend #1, Manifest Destiny #6, Nightcrawler #1, Shutter #1


Martinez’s Pick of the Pull


 All-New X-Men #25 – Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen, & Various

After the events of “Trial of Jean Grey”, Bendis is (thankfully) giving us a break. Those of us who read the scribe’s latest cross-over event know that the fate of the young X-Men is still uncertain. The previews say that this issue might answer some of these questions, but I have a feeling its just filler. That’s fine by me though, because the all-stars they brought in to illustrate this issue are mind-blowing! I mean, BRUCE TIMM art in an X-Men book?!?! Count me in.


Iron Fist: The Living Weapon # 1 – Kaare Andrews

We haven’t seen much of Danny Rand since AvX. It’s a shame really, he’s probably one of the coolest Marvel characters. Well, he’s back. Oh, Karre Andrews is writing and illustrating the book. That should be enough of an incentive for you to pick this up. The art looks awesome. I’m ready for some mystical kung-fu action. Those of you who might not be familiar with Iron Fist might do well to pick up this book. Iron Fist is one of the Marvel heroes that will be getting his own Netflix series in the near future.

The Rest of Martinez’s Pull for 4/9: Batman Eternal #1, Daredevil #1.5, East of West #11, Nightcrawler #1, Samurai Jack #7, Shutter #1, The Walking Dead #125