COMING UP NEXT with Ivy & Martinez: 3/26/14

COMING UP NEXT, a look at what our two resident opinionated blogger types, Ivy (Women Write About Comics) and Martinez (DE Pie-Cast) have to say about this week’s upcoming releases! Without further ado:

Ivy’s Picks of the Pull for 3/26!


Sandman: Overture #2  – Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III

Wait– really? What? No way. There’s no way that Sandman: Overture #2 is coming out this week. Everyone knows that’s just an urban legend. There’s no such thing as Sandman:Overture #2.

Silver Surfer #1

Silver Surfer #1 – All New Marvel Now!– Dan Slott and Mike Allred

Rad! Slott and Allred take on the Silver Surfer in his all-new solo title as part of the All New Marvel Now relaunch! I’m an obsessive Allred fanatic (ask anyone. Or look at my apartment, which might be wallpapered in Allred prints…), so when this book was announced, I pretty much freaked out. What little sneak previews I’ve seen make this look to be one trippy cosmic adventure full of that signature Allred insanity. We all know that Slott can carry a story, too, so don’t miss picking up this book!


The rest of Ivy’s pull for 3/26: A+X #18, All New Ghost Rider #1, Amazing X-Men #5, Bunker #2, Dead Boy Detectives #4, Deadly Class #3, Guardians of the Galaxy #13, Hawkeye #18, Midas Flesh #4, The Wake #7


Martinez’s Picks of the Pull for 3/26!


Amazing X-Men #5 – Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness

Well here it is. The finale. The conclusion. The Beginning? I don’t know, but I do know one thing, Nightcrawler is back. He is back and he’s brandishing a pirate sword and all is right with the world once more. This series has been great from the beginning. Aaron has made Kurt’s return both intense and fun. Maestro Ed McGuinness’ pencils do what they always do, amaze. By the way, I’m pretty sure there is a BAMF vs. BAMF fight scene. Red vs. Blue so to speak. That’s worth the price alone.


The Wake #7 – Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

So how about that last issue? Wild and crazy stuff. Which is also an accurate way to describe this series as a whole so far. I went into it thinking it was an aquatic suspense horror story, à la Deep Blue Sea, but you know… better. Instead we’ve been given some ancient mythology, blood-thirsty Merpeople, and a post-apocalyptic world. Snyder has tried his hand at some Sci-Fi horror, and with Murphy’s art complementing the scribe’s eye for detail, the pair have created a grand vision for what the world could be. As crazy as the idea of Merfolk might be, these two make it seem possible, and that creeps the bejeezus out of me.


The rest of Martinez’s pull for 3/26: Bunker #2, Captain America Homecoming #1, Fatale #21, Guardians of the Galaxy #13, Hawkeye #18, Marvel Knights X-Men #5, The Massive #21, The Midas Flesh #4