COMING UP NEXT: 8/20/14 – with Alex & The New Guy!

Howdy, All!

Ivy has moved on to greater positions in book/comic-dom and Martinez is away from The Shop for a few weeks so everyone else is getting a turn at telling you what you want to read.
Please welcome Jamie “The New Guy” Mikki and Alex “Makin’ Flyers” Caliva to COMING UP NEXT!


The Further Education of Mr. Jamie

Hey, New Guy! Read this!
Sarah ends most of my shifts with this simple phrase. It surprised me the first few times, but I now welcome the phrase for the opportunity to broaden my horizons of appreciation for the art. The first of these “Hey, read this” picks was the first trade of RAT QUEENS (Image). What happens when four girls, all of different sizes and shapes, combine their skills for general hacking, slashing, and maiming, a few giant ogres, magic, a lot of laughs, and a script filled with some of the most interestingly colorful language that I have heard since last school year? You get Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery. And if that weren’t enough, they down a healthy amount of alcohol throughout the story…what’s not to love?

Rat Queens Vol 1 TP

Rat Queens Vol 1 TP – Just $9.99!

In my continuing effort to gain a broader appreciation for the world of comics that I have missed while I have been buried in DC’s New 52 storylines, Martinez threw a copy of the first trade of EAST OF WEST (Image) into my bin and said, “Read this!” After carrying it home in the stack of 15-20 other trades, it went in the middle of the stack. Nothing about the book screamed “READ ME NOW”, nor was there a synopsis of the story printed on the cover, so nothing stood out to me that this book would be all that interesting. Holy @#!& was I wrong. Being a huge fan of the Darksiders video game, I already had a deep love for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. East of West takes the Four Horsemen, and places these familiar faces into a beautifully drawn and conceptualized futuristic world. I flew through this trade, enjoying every location, character, and storyline told throughout the book and actually felt let down that I did not have the second trade sitting next to me when I finished the book. An incredible storyline that sucks you in from the first pages mixed with beautiful art should be enough reason to pick this trade for your next read.

East of West TP Vol 1

East of West Vol 1 TP – Just $9.99!

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The Growing Stack of Alex the Alex

Hey everyone! I don’t know if anyone else is as far behind on their single issues as I am, but I have a giant looming stack at home waiting for me. My list keeps getting longer and I tell myself that I’m going to trim my list down but I’m really enjoying everything on it, and then I keep finding new things I want to read every week. Oh well! Anyways, here’s some of the stuff I’m taking home with me this week.

Supreme Blue Rose #2 (Image) Warren Ellis has really been hitting it out of the park lately! If you’ve been reading his phenomenal new run on Moon Knight, and you’re looking for something to fill the Ellis shaped void now that exists now that he’s leaving the book may I recommend SUPREME BLUE ROSE: A cerebral tale about an investigative reporter who is hired by a mysterious individual to look into supernatural phenomenon. Art by newcomer Tula Lotay is beautiful and rich with detail and visual symbolism. The dreamlike scenes she creates along with Ellis’ rich symbolism make this the kind of book you will want to read several times. If you are a fan of thoughtful books like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, you should absolutely pick this up.

Supreme Blue Rose #2

Supreme Blue Rose #2

Storm #2 – Did you read Storm #1? If not you should have, it does everything a new series should. If you want to really get inside the head of a goddess, this is your chance. Storm struggles to reconcile her morals with those of the X-Men while fighting off enormous rogue waves and riding storm clouds. It’s tons of fun!

Storm #2

Storm #2

The Fade Out #1 (Image) – When I saw that Brubaker and Philips were making a new noir book I knew that I was going to be picking up the first issue. This is a team that has already proven itself on the genre with the much acclaimed Fatale. And if the clout doesn’t sell the book, just take a look at that cover and try not to buy it. I dare you.

Fade Out #1

Fade Out #1