Comics We Like: 3.19.14


Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #2, Rick Remender & Roland Boschi

The first issue was great, I see no reason why the second issue won’t be just as good. If you are reading the Captain America ongoing, you should be picking this up, as it’s starting to look like both these Remender titles are related in some way. If you like gritty spy stories, you should be picking this up. You won’t regret it.

bitter march #2


Uncanny X-Men #019.NOW, Brian Michael Bendis & Chris Bachalo

If you’ve been looking for a point to break into this awesome X-book, this is it! It’s Scott’s mutant team versus S.H.I.E.L.D. and this issue focuses on the characters caught in the crossfire. We also get to see Magik utilize some of the tricks she learned from past Dr. Strange — words cannot describe how pleased this makes me.

Uncanny X-Men






Ms. Marvel #2, G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona

This book continues to provide an emotionally resonant story driven by well-rounded and compelling characters. We get a better explanation of Kamala’s powers and get to see them in action. Ms. Marvel is a series that reads more like a novel than a comic – the pace may be slower, but I can tell the payoff is going to be bigger.   **Issue #1 is back in stock with a Second Printing!



Batman and Aquaman #29, Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason

He liked it! Having stopped reading Batman and Robin after the death of Damian, seeing “The Hunt For Robin” on the cover of this issue made him try it again. After a little fill-in from Titus about some of the events leading to the “Hunt” (hint: the answer is “Morrison did it in Batman Inc.,”) he overall enjoyed the story but realized how much he’s missed Patrick Gleason’s art.

batman & aquaman #29











American Vampire: Second Cycle #1, Vertigo, Scott Snyder & Rafael Alburquerque

You read the current Batman series? Then you know Scott Snyder has serious writing skills. (If you’re not reading it and you like Batman we need to have a talk with you.) Put aside your disdain for the pale faced, gaunt, sparkly types and bite into a WHOLE NEW KIND of bloodsucking abominations.  I haven’t kept up with the first American Vampire series and it doesn’t matter if  you missed it, too. Pick this up for an easy entry point into the world of Pearl Jones and Skinner Sweet, then hit the graphic novel shelves for more!


Daredevil #1 All-New Marvel NOW,  Mark Waid & Chris Samnee

As expected, the superteam Daredevil of creators deliver an energetic, well rounded story with brilliant pacing, composition, and heart. It’s colorist Javier Rodriguez and letterer Joe Caramanga that elevate Mark Waid’s nuanced characters and Chris Samnee’s elegant artwork to the quintessence of comic books. You know we raved about the previous series, so be prepared to keep getting the lecture until you give it a try. Shut Up and Buy It!