Comics Ruckus Hangout! Thursday 6.9.16 at 6:30pm

Thursday, June 9th at 6:30pm


You want to talk about comics?

Come make a RUCKUS with us!


THE DANGER ROOM will be open for friendly nerds & geeks to meet and be nerdy & geeky together!


There’s no required reading for Ruckus!

Some folks may want to discuss Book Club books that they missed or in more depth.
Some folks may want to get the scoop without having to read all the issues of an event.
Some folks have read articles about comics news online and want to
talk about those issues with people in person!

You can:

  • Deliberate the important issues of our time!

  • Check out this year’s Eisner Award nominees!

  • Find out what’s really happening in Civil War!

  • Discuss the current issue of Previews Magazine to find out the best and strangest upcoming releases!


There will be snacks and free comics and fun!


All Welcome, Just Don’t Be a Jerk!