Comics Highlights May 30, 2012

    Issues #1

Grim Leaper – Kurtis J. Wiebe (Peter Panzerfaust) writes a love story to die for.  4 issues.

    Ongoing Titles

New Deadwardians #3

Peter Panzerfaust #4  – Kurtis J. Wiebe.  Peter, the Darlings, and the Lost Boys’ cottage refuge has just become the center of the battlefield!

Rachel Rising #8 – Jet gets fixed up.  Terry Moore’s black and white mystery is strange and wonderful.

TMNT #10 – Shredder!

Walking Dead #98 – Ouch and OUCH!

X-Men Legacy #267 – An AVX tie-in, but also a Rogue-centered issue that offers the reader deep and intimate insight into this complex and conflicted character.

DC New 52

Batman Annual #1 – We meet Mr. Freeze and learn his connection to the Court of Owls.

Animal Man Annual #1 – A stand alone tale detailing the history of the epic struggle between The Red, The Green, and The Rot!

Collections/Graphic .Novels

Baltimore: Curse Bells HC  – Mike Mignola. A horrific ritual will create havoc on a small European town, as Lord Baltimore takes on the twisted blessing of vampiric nuns and an insane warlock!

Cow Boy HC (all ages) – Featured in the Archaia/Mouse Guard FCBD hardcover, Cow Boy is the story of a young bounty hunter determined to send his entire outlaw family to jail.

Titus’ Additional
Channel Zero Complete Collection – This is the book that got Titus back into reading comics. Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan.