Comics Highlights May 23, 2012

    Issues #1

  • Batman Incorporated #1   Fun, no history needed intro to the New 52 Batman Inc! Feat. Goat Boy.
  • Mind MGMT #1  So much fun! Each issue will be packed with clues and bonuses to reward monthly readers. The first six issues’ back covers connect to unlock secrets!
  • Resident Alien #1  Change of pace.

    Ongoing Titles

  • Chew #26   Space Cakes, Part One of One  CHEW is the best book you’re not reading.  Here’s my series pitch:  It’s the future. Chicken has been outlawed due to worldwide chicken-related deaths and the FDA is the highest ranking government body. The main character is a detective who can tell the history of anything by eating it. There is excessive violence.

DC New 52 Issue #9

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