Comics Highlights for 5.2.12

Down and Dirty

Issues #1

  • Earth 2 – Meet the New DC 52 Earth Two crew!
  • Epic Kill (Image)- The premise:  A girl uses her body as a weapon instead of weapons.  Five issues of brutality and a great letter from the writer at the end.
  • Mind the Gap (Image) –  It’s a preternatural mystery with infectious tunes and little clues woven throughout.  Jim McCann and Rodin Esquejo offer us the world in between life, death, and memory. The double sized first issue is well worth the $2.99 as each read reveals more detail and raises more questions. Don’t fall behind.

Ongoing Issues

  • Daredevil #12 – Mark Waid and Chris Samnee deliver one of the best standalone issues this year. Our hero Matt Murdock takes a break from superhero life to escort a lovely co-worker to the carnival where she experiences the sounds and smells blindfolded. Gorgeous and sweet. If you’re not reading Daredevil you’re missing the finer points of comics.
  • Defenders #6 – Still going strong!


  • Skeleton Key One-Shot (Darkhorse) – Using the magical Skeleton Key, schoolgirl Tamsin and fox spirit Kitsune can turn any door into a portal to an endless multiverse.  Collects three short full-color stories originally published in black and white in Dark Horse Presents.