Comics for New Readers

We’ve all been there. “My best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/mother/sibling/cat doesn’t read comics and I think they’d really like them if they just started reading!” Then there’s always the question of, “But what should they read first?” to which there are a thousand answers. It varies from person to person. As a woman still discovering comics, I have a few recommendations. Because sometimes, industry and character driven storylines are a little intimidating at first. Let’s get our feet wet, shall we?


With familiar characters such as Snow White, Cinderella, and the Big Bad Wolf, this series brings fable and folklore to the modern day. While new issues still ship monthly, there are 17 trade paperback collections to catch up with and all are currently in print. The story isn’t so complex that it’s hard to follow, and yet is still rich enough to get lost in the pages. Winning 16 Eisner awards helps put it up there at the top of the list.

Y The Last Man

The year is 2002. An unexplained gendercide has occurred, wiping out every last male of every species on the planet, with the exception of one man & his male pet monkey. From Eisner Award winning writer Brian K Vaughan (currently writing Saga), this is a good starter book because it’s a complete series. It won’t be coming out monthly and you don’t need to know anything that came before it. The publisher,Vertigo (a creator-owned imprint of DC comics), has put out some of the most unique and interesting books over the last 19 years. If you like The Walking Dead, try this!

I Zombie

Meet Gwen Dylan. She’s a zombie. And a grave digger. With a werewolf and ghost as her best friends. With vibrant artwork that jumps off the page, thanks to Michael Allred and Laura Allred, this book will have you hooked. The approach to it’s horror type characters is realistic and accessible, with comedic relief and plausible situations. I, Zombie reads much like a tv show, but looks how only a comic book can.


To a lot of people, comic books mean super-heroes. That’s not a bad thing. There is an alternative to the massive histories of Marvel and DC, though. Image brings us Invincible, Robert Kirkman’s saga of the son of a superhero who turns out to have powers himself. At times heartwarming and always action-packed, this book is easy to enjoy. Invincible is perfectly readable to someone with only a vague knowledge of the comic book world.


Chicken has been banned across the world. During this chicken prohibition speakeasies and black markets have opened and the FDA has become the most powerful government agency in order to keep poultry crimes at bay. Chew follows the story of a detective who can tell everything about something simply by eating it; it’s origin, how it was processed, who shipped it, etc. Part CSI, part over the top action, this comic will leave you wanting for more. This series is currently an ongoing monthly title. Did we mention there’s a cybernetic kung-fu rooster assassin? Cause there is and he’s awesome.