Closet Cosplays for Free Comic Book Day!

Those of us of the geeky persuasion are lucky. The rest of the world gets one day to dress up — Halloween — and we get so many opportunities: cons, festivals, midnight premieres, and of course, the fast-approaching Free Comic Book Day. Did you know that here at The Comic Book Shop, people who come in costume get an extra free book?

But I don’t have a costume! You might lament. I’ve never Cosplayed before! It costs too much to make a good costume! I’m scared! Hold my hand!

Well have no fear, Cosplaying doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you might have an entire awesome comic book costume in your closet, just waiting to be put together! Here’s a few easy, low-cost costumes so you can come to Free Comic Book Day in style.

Finn/Fionna from Adventure Time:


This is about as easy as it gets. For Finn, just find some blue shorts (Jorts, anyone?) and a blue t-shirt. For Fionna, find a blue skirt, an aqua top, and white knee socks. Done! As for the hat, you can buy them a number of places, or just make one yourself for cheap using this super easy tutorial (for Fionna’s just cut the ears a bit longer).

Marko from Saga:


Got a green hoodie and a yellow shirt? Add a tan jacket and you’ve got most of your costume! Horns might seem hard, but they’re actually quite easy to make, and with this tutorial you can create an awesome pair for about $20!

America Chavez (Miss America) from Young Avengers:

america_chavezBlack shorts, a blue shirt (you can paint on, or just tape on, a star), and a red hoodie make the base of this outfit. The fun part is thrifting a jean jacket and using fabric paint to draw on those stars and stripes! Don’t forget to tease that hair!

So there you have it: three easy costumes that don’t break the bank. Now get to work, and we’ll see you at the shop on May 4th and 5th!