Christmas Gift Picks!

Ten days ’til Christmas, kiddies! How’s your shopping going?

Big-box chains will be crowded, blasting Justin Bieber’s latest Christmas song, and impersonal. Why not join us at the shop for some personalized shopping? Any member of our staff can help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list!


For the skeptic:

blanketsBlankets by Craig Thompson

Got someone who doesn’t care about them funny picture books but reads anything on the New York Times Bestsellers List? Maybe they think all comics are for kids?  Craig Thompson’s Blankets is a beautiful coming of age tale set in the wintery midwest. Blankets is now a common book assigned in some college literature courses, and Thompson’s latest book, Habibi, even made it onto that fabled NYT list.

For the newbie:


JSA Vol.1: Justice Be Done

Got a friend who’s all jazzed after seeing a couple of blockbuster superhero movies and thinks they might want to get into books? This JSA book is a great mix of old and new characters, easy to understand even without a lifetime of DC readership under your belt.

For your 6 year-old nephew:

250px-Tiny_Titans_1Tiny Titans by Baltazar & Franco

Tiny Titans is great for so many reasons: it’s easy brand recognition for kids, with all your classic symbols of the DCU, and the stories are funny enough that parents will enjoy them as much as the kids. Bonus: if you ever see Art Baltazar at a con, he’ll do a sketch of any comic character for free!

For a hipster:


Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Need a gift for your barista or cool cousin? I once overheard someone describing this book as “Star Wars meets Romeo and Juliet with space hipsters.” Plus, Saga is award wining, has mad hype online, and is only $10!

For Your Grandma & her friends:

cat_getting_out_cover_lgCat Getting Out of a Bag by Jeffery Brown

Grandmas love cats! This book is inoffensive and adorable.

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