Book Club #2 Round-Up: Gotham Central!

Can we just say — our book club has been AWESOME!

This past Thursday, we gathered in the shop for snacks (crime scene cookies provided by the fabulous Annie, and cheese “guns” made by Sarah!) and conversation about Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka’s classic collaborative series, Gotham Central!

Crime Scene Cookies!

Crime Scene Cookies!


Martin Martinez: A renegade cop with nothing left to lose!

Martin Martinez: A renegade cop with nothing left to lose!


After something of a debacle in regards to organized speaker order, the club made some great points:

– One major point of discussion was the idea of Batman as superhero versus Batman as vigilante. The topic of the Bat-Signal’s usage by civilians sparked some lively conversation — do shows and comics intentionally dumb down the police force when a superhero is present, to make the hero look better?

– The group decided that the first story in Gotham Central Book One was the most solid thematically, but the the character development in the second was the fan favorite. The third garnered more mixed results, with members questioning if Batman “white knighted” Renee Montoya.

– Overall, the club felt like this was a solid start to a series that, while maybe more geared towards season Batman readers (a lack of backstory was a common point of confusion), could easily interest even those who are not interested in traditional superhero narratives.

We had a question for YOU, though: do you read the introductions to your graphic novels? If so, how does it affect your perception of the book?


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GCPD notes


Don’t forget to come out to the shop next month on March 20th for Chew Volume One, following the adventures of quasi-food-psychic Tony Chu as he tries to figure out what is happening in the crazy world around him.

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