Black Mask Black Friday: TOE TAG RIOT Signing 11.28.14

BLACK MASK STUDIOS is a publishing/production company founded last year by musician/entrepreneur Brett Gurewitz, comic book writer Steve Niles and filmmaker/transmedia-specialist Matt Pizzolo!

TOE TAG RIOT is a fun, full-color horror-comedy comic series with an inclusive, positive message. Zombie punks vs. bigots, racists, and misogynists!

A hilariously gory mash up of rad stuff like Night of the Living Dead, a GWAR live show, and hardcore punk rock, TOE TAG RIOT is a tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted torrential downpour of blood and guts sure to please anyone who LOVES FUN
and HATES JERKS like Million Moms, Nazi Skinheads, Dudebros
and the Westboro Baptist Church!

Toe Tag Riot is LGBTQ-positive, and inclusive to everyone except bigots.
Bigots are zombie food. Toe Tag Riot is a fun book with a positive message and a diverse cast of wacky characters.

Meet MATT MINER, writer of Liberator* and Liberator/Earth Crisis,  contributing writer of Occupy Comics pit bull activist, and writer of TOE TAG RIOT!

Meet SEAN VON GORMAN, escape artist, and the artist of Secret Adventures of Houdini** and TOE TAG RIOT!

Show some love for independent thinkers and artists, people with a message
to share, and generally nice dudes!


Black Mask Studios productions include:

Ballistic – Welcome to Repo City State, where everybody’s an asshole… even the air conditioners. (Adam Egypt Mortimer, Darick Robertson)

Occupy Comics – The largest coalition of socially conscious comic book creators since ever. (Alan Moore, Molly Crabapple, David Mack, Ben Templesmith,
David Lloyd, Art Spiegelman, and many more)

Twelve Reasons to Die –  A gritty tale of guns, sex, vinyl, and revenge. (Ghostface Killah and RZA)


Pre-order your copy of TOE TAG RIOT now!!

toe tag riot preorder image

*About Liberator:

Liberator is a gritty antihero vigilante comic book adventure with characters who aren’t beating up guys in capes and tights or fighting off alien invasions, but taking on real issues of dog fighters and animal abusers.

Liberator is inspired by the real men and women who actually do these kinds of clandestine actions – they pull on masks in the middle of the night, save abused animals and make the abusers’ lives a living hell.

Liberator #1 cover

Liberator #1 cover

** About Secret Adventures of Houdini:

In the blink of an eye Harry Houdini, a name synonymous with magic and mystery, will have his world forever changed. Armed with a stinging wit and near super-human strength, we follow Houdini’s descent into the secret world of the supernatural.

Escape with Houdini into a world of magic and sorcery as we witness his greatest metamorphosis from stage magician to hero. These are the untold stories of the final years of Harry Houdini’s life.

Secret Adventures of Houdini

Secret Adventures of Houdini