Big Summer Sale Recap!

Hey, everybody! Our Big Summer Sale was last weekend and it was awesome! There were Star Wars characters, food, good weather, local creators and a lot of fun to be had. Here’s a recap on what went on and a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out!!

(click pictures to enlarge)

On Saturday, Star Wars characters joined us and mingled. Always a pleasure to have those guys come out and have fun with us!

On Sunday, Eppy’s Barbecue and The Ice Cream Shoppe set up next to the shop and made the sale complete. It’s great to have local businesses come together!

Gray Haven Comics and the creators of Dead Horse came up for sketching and signing. Awesome guys!

Overall, it was a great sale! Good deals, good food, good fun. Thanks again for supporting the shop and celebrating the summer with us! 🙂