Big news out of ImageExpo 2014!


ImageExpo happened in San Francisco on January 9th, highlighting new announcements from Image’s best creators. Here’s what we’re excited about:

wytchesWytches by Scott Snyder & Jock

Scott Snyder had this to say: “I think our goal is to just scare the living !@#$ out of you with this book. I want this book to be the blackest, most twisted horror that I’ve ever done. I want it to be the book I feel terrible about at my kids’ soccer game. I want this book to be like, you read it and say, ‘They let this guy write Superman?'” Yeah, we’re excited.


Nameless by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham

Keeping in the horror theme is this new creator owned series from polarizing author Grant Morrison. They didn’t give much away at the expo, but those occult spacesuit guys look awesome, right?

bpBitch Planet By Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro

Okay, this is the one I’m most excited for. Kelly Sue (of Captain Marvel and Pretty Deadly) takes on 1960s grindhouse female prison drama. Can’t. Wait.

wickedandthedevineThe Wicked & The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

The Young Avengers team is back! The concept is awesome: every 90 years, the mythological Gods are reincarnated as what Gillen and McKelvie do best: teenagers.

ODY-CODY-C by Matt Fraction & Christian Ward

The rumors about this space opera re-telling of Homer’s Odyssey started last year, but were confirmed at the Expo. Also, everything’s gender-swapped. ALSO, Fraction is writing more Casanova and that is REALLY important.

lowremenderLow by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini

Remender calls this 60-issue series set in a crazy distant future “aquatic sci/fi.”  That cover art, though: GORGEOUS. I DIE.

  These are only a few of the numerous awesome announcements from Image Expo– the event also saw Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips announce an exclusive 5-year deal with Image, new titles from Nick Spencer and Nick Dragotta, and more! With this many cool looking books coming down the pipeline, Image is on track to be one of the powerhouse publishers. Be sure to add these great titles to your pull!