Batman Day 2015! September 26th 10a – 8p


Back By Popular Demand, BATMAN DAY 2015 Makes the Celebration of The World’s Most Popular Super Hero and Global Pop Culture Icon an Annual Event!

DC/Warner Bros has announced that Saturday, September 26th, 2015
will be this year’s holiday for the grumbly, gritty hero who swoops into our hearts and leaves without a sound.


Pick up 1,000 digital issues for just 99¢ through 9/28/15!!


Enter to win a Bat-Grab Box with every in-store purchase of a Batman/Bat-Family graphic novel!


Come check out our Bat-Displays in the weeks leading up to BATMAN DAY to find a classic story or a new series you didn’t know you wanted!


*If you like Batman because: DETECTIVE/MYSTERY – Try:
> FADE OUT (Brubaker & Phillips)


*If you like Batman because: STREET LEVEL VIGILANTE – Try
> DAREDEVIL (Bendis & Maleev)


*If you like Batman because: OCCULT/HORROR – Try
> HELLBOY (Mike Mignola)


*If you like Batman because: SCOOBY-DOO STYLE MYSTERIES – Try:
> GOTHAM ACADEMY (Cloonan & Kershel) – Good for Teens!!


*If you like Batman because: the ANIMATED SERIES – Try
> BATMAN ADVENTURES – Good for Kids!
> BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD – Good for Kids!