Banned Books Week Meet Up! Thursday 10/1/15 at 6pm


BANNED BOOKS will be on SALE for 25% OFF for the entire week!


Banned Books Week 2015


Please join us on THURSDAY 10/1 at 6PM for a considerate discussion
about popular-yet-banned graphic novels, censorship,
and how you can help defend the right to read!


Some of our most-recommended books have been challenged or banned
from schools and libraries because someone who disagreed or misunderstood the message thought NO ONE should be allowed to read it.

No one? Sure, some people may not want to read it but we believe people have the right to choose their own material.

Every book is not appropriate for every reader. Each reader is an individual and will experience each book in a personal, unique way.

Limiting choices that expose us to foreign subjects and situations limits our ability to grow and become well-developed.

For a complete listing of banned and challenged books, case studies,
news, and information about how you can help donate to the
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and visit


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