TCBS Back Issue Sale! Father’s Day Weekend!

Saturday June 15th 10a-8p
Sunday June 16th 12p-5p

Bins will be extended to the Danger Room for your shopping ease!

Back Issue Comics in Bins 50% OFF
Silver Age Comics in Bins 50% OFF
Key Issues & Classic Magazines 25% OFF
Comic Sets 25% OFF

What’s “Back Issues” and Why Do I Want Them?

After comics have been on the recent releases shelves for a few months they get bagged, boarded, and rotated to the Back Issue Bins.
They’re organized by main series (Avengers), then subsequent series & mini series (New Avengers, Avengers: Solo, Avengers West Coast).

The SILVER AGE refers to comics from 1956-1970s, including the first appearances of most of today’s biggest Marvel heroes! Those comics are in red plastic bins across from the Key Issues case.

If you take a few minutes to flip through some of the Back Issue bins you will likely find comics to fill gaps in your collection and plenty you didn’t know you wanted!

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