August LBGTQ+ Club: MOUSE GUARD: LEGENDS of the GUARD Vol 3 on 8.25.18

LBGTQ+ MEET-UP: Comics & More!

*Allies & Mature Teens Welcome*


Join us in sharing and learning about comics & pop-culture,
with a focus on
gay and transgender communities.

Please review the Notes for a Good LBGTQ+ and Allies Meet-Up at the bottom of this post.


Saturday, August 25th 4p-6p


Archaia Comics BOOM! Studios

Creator David Peterson’s world of is enriched a collection of award-winning and critically acclaimed storytellers sharing other tales of the guardsmice and their kin.

With Mark Buckingham, Skottie Young, Hannah, Christenson, Nicole Gustafsson, C.M. Galdre, Dustin Nguyen, Kyla Vanderklugt, Mark A. Nelson, Jake Parker, Ramon Perez, Becky Cloonan, Ryan Lang, Aaron Conley, Fabian Rangel Jr., & Lauren Pettapiece


Inside the June Alley Inn, located in the western mouse city of Barkstone, mice gather to tell stories,
each trying to outdo the other.
With her two past storytelling competitions at the June Alley Inn being so well recieved by the mice of Barkstone and the greater Mouse Territories, June once again allows her past-due patrons to tell a tale
to clear their tab in the third anthology of the Mouse Guard series.

Petersen adds to ‘Mouse Guard’ with new ‘Legends’ series

Mouse Guard‘s David Petersen

Interview: David Petersen