Artist Spotlight: Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire, Canadian writer/artist most known for his series Sweet Tooth, has a very distinct style in a sea of generic super-hero art. With expressive faces, thick brush strokes, and a quirky view of the world, Lemire has made a splash with titles published by Top Shelf and Vertigo. His latest work, The Underwater Welder, due to hit shelves next week, scroll down for a tour of his best pieces!

Lost Dogs.

The back cover describes this tale as “bold, brutal and emotionally raw” and it certainly isn’t wrong. Both dark and heart-wrenching this is the story of a man who’s been left with nothing he holds dear and the events that follow. With splashes of red in just the right places, this art is sure to stir something in each of us.

Sweet Tooth.

A new breed is being born. Children with the features of animals, endangered by hunters who want their heads. This is the story of Gus, nickname Sweet Tooth, a boy with the features of a deer. With inventive art, the story is told in a way only a comic book could deliver. Pick up the first trade and find out why Geoff Johns calls this “The new MUST READ book.”

Essex County.

They say write what you know. Lemire takes that advice and brings us an imaginary version of Essex County, Ontario. This trilogy of graphic novels is the story of a community throughout the years, in beautiful black and white. The artist has a striking style, using both light and dark to make his pages bold and interesting. This book puts you into the world of his creativity; where you can almost see these characters living and mingling around you. Nominated for both Eisner and Harvey awards.