Allentown Comic Con August 4+5, 2012 – Another Great Show!

Titus and I just got back from another fantastic weekend at the Allentown Comic Con! Several times a year we set up in the Merchant’s Square Mall for a one or two day convention that draws crowds from all over the region, ready to get their geek on.

The show is great to work as a vendor(not too far away, table prices are reasonable, easy load in/out) and as a fan (always different celebrities and guests, variety of panels, lots of vendors). We also enjoy meeting creators and supporting their comics directly. Like farm-to-table food, creator-to-reader comics bears a special weight to the product.

Two independent creators stood out from the crowd this weekend because their comics made me laugh. I stopped at Vince LoGreco’s table of original art for his comic strips because they were easy to ready from a distance and were pretty funny! His OH-NO Comics have been collected in two volumes and counting. The other book I couldn’t leave without buying is Busty Girl. One hundred webcomics with the woe of endowment will reassure those who are suffering and enlighten those without.

Thank you to The Morning Call of Lehigh Valley for taking photos of last weekend’s Mega Show!

As the show started to wind down during the last hour we were able to move around the room and meet some guests who had been buried behind lines of guests all weekend. Jeremy Bulloch, the actor who played Boba Fett, and Dickey Beer, stunt-man extraordinaire, had already packed to leave but were gracious to tarry for a few more fans. Although he said he would be breaking down at 4:30p, a half-hour before show ending, the charming Jim Steranko stayed long after to meet fans, give autographs, and spin amazing yarns of comic cons past. He told us the secret to his eternal youth and unwavering pompadour is his raw food diet. If you were to see him in action, you’d believe it!

Comic-cons aren’t just about selling comics and toys, meeting movie stars, and buying original art pages – they’re also where we meet creators, talk comics with strangers, and introduce the next generation to comics, collectibles, and cons. We’re fortunate to have  a unique and evolving hobby. It is our responsibility to pass our kn0wledge and respect to those who haven’t learned it yet, to keep classics alive and while creating new ones.

She asked for a comic with Thor or Loki on the cover for $8 or less. I found a few in our $3 bins, then Titus pulled out a Silver Age Kirby cover with both Thor and Loki that was on sale for $5.

Some of the prizes we brought home. Bone figures on the card for me, switchplate covers for the shop, and a pop-up Spider-Man book for Titus!