Wordless Comics for Parents and Kids

It’s often said that comics are just for kids. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are some great comics that parents can appreciate that their children will enjoy likewise. It’s never to early to start your kids on comics, even if they can’t read. Little ones are wonderful at recognizing and expressing emotion and following a story, as long as their attention span allows of course. Here’s a selection of some adorable, wordless comics that will be sure to delight both children and adults.

Astro by Nils Hamm is an absolutely gorgeous comic put out by Image. An astronaut finds himself, or herself, falling into another planet after crashing it’s rocket. On this planet, it comes across many new friends and adventures and finds out that it’s not a completely horrible day if a space spider catches your rocket in it’s web and you fall through space. Sometimes, life’s accidents can yield beautiful experiences. The artwork in the book is phenomenal with bold brush strokes and bright colors sure to capture the attention of little children.

The inside flap of Korgi by Christian Slade states that if you loved The Hobbit, Bone or Owly, then this is a book for you. The first volume in the adventures of Ivy and her korgi Sprout, this book is absolutely adorable for both dog lovers and normal folks. They encounter monsters and friends alike in their woodland travels as they adventure, just a girl and her dog. The art is beautiful in black and white sketches, capturing expression and emotion in every page. Slade, a former Disney animator, grew up in New Jersey and created this book with his wife, Ann.

“Owly is a kind-hearted little owl who’s always searching for new friends and adventure.” (Back cover of Owly Tiny Tales). With a bold and animated style, Andy Runton’s Owly series has captured the hearts of many a reader. Along with his forest friends, including a rabbit, a raccoon and two rambunctious hummingbirds, Owly deals with various different things from sharing to having fun. This is an all ages tale that has “simple charm, wisdom and warmth.” (Booklist)