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Toe Tag Riot #1 Signing November 28th

Zombie punks vs. bigots, racists, and misogynists!

TOE TAG RIOT is an hilariously gory mash up of rad stuff like
Night of the Living Dead, a GWAR live show, and hardcore punk rock!

Featuring ANDY HURLEY of Fall Out Boy!

Published by BLACK MASK STUDIOS, a media production company by BRETT GUREWITZ, STEVE NILES, & MATT PIZZOLO.


TOE TAG RIOT is a tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted torrential downpour of blood and guts sure to please anyone who LOVES FUN and HATES JERKS like Million Moms, Nazi Skinheads, Dudebros and the Westboro Baptist Church!

Toe Tag Riot is LGBTQ-positive, and inclusive to everyone except bigots.
Bigots are zombie food. Toe Tag Riot is a fun book with a positive message and a diverse cast of wacky characters.